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Texolam provides food ingredients meant for the creation and flavoring of the best foods. Some products are added to make food better, and to enhance them.

Texolam also atends Industries like, Textil, Adhesives and Oil Drilling, among others in Latin America, with the Emsland products.


Besides the Food and Animal Feed applications, Texolam is serving some technical applications with Emsland starches, such as

Paper and Specialties

1.)    Paper:


a.)  Pulp starches  to increase paper stability and to improve sheet dehydration and fibre and filler retention.

b.)  Spray starch to improve the inter-laminar strength of multi-layer cartons

c.)  Surface starches to improve printability and writing properties of paper surfaces.

d.)  Coating starches as bonding agent in paper coating compounds and improve the rheology of the coating colour. 


2.)    Specialties:


a) Adhesives:

-  Paper sack adhesives

- Adhesives specially produced for:

- corrugated board

- paper sleeves

- wet adhesive tapes

- laminating and bottompaste for bags

- industrial adhesives

- wallpaper paste and placards


b) Textiles:






c)  Building Additives

-  Gypsum plaster

-  Tile adhesives

-  Ready-to-use mortars and fillers

-  Decor and mineral fiber board

-  Insulation material


d) Oildrilling and Mining Industries:  

Potato Starches can be applied for:

 -  Fields of drilling fluids

-  Offshore drilling sector.


e)      Other Technical markets: products that are solution for:

- absorbent materials

- biodegradable synthetic materials

- water purification


For additional detailed information we invite you to visit Emsland's Web Site: www.emsland-group.de